As we enter the holiday season, I invite you to join me in a journey of self-discovery and celebration. This season, I will be sharing a special collection of journaling prompts to help you capture the beauty of the life you are living, by gathering the "aha" moments that make this time of year so magical.

What to Expect:

Starting each Sunday, from November 19 through December 31, 2023, I will be sharing a thoughtfully crafted journaling prompt designed to guide you on a reflective journey. These prompts are your tools to delve deep into the essence of the holiday season, connecting with the moments that truly matter.

Why Journaling Prompts:

The holiday season is a time of warmth, connection, and reflection. It's a time for cherishing memories, building new traditions, and finding solace in the beauty of the present. Journaling prompts provide a structured yet personal way to capture these moments, thoughts, and feelings.

How to Participate:

  1. Watch for an email from me early Sunday mornings during this holiday season.
  2. Read and reflect on the weekly journaling prompt.
  3. Let your thoughts flow onto the pages of your journal, or in any way that suits your personal style of expression.
  4. Share your insights and experiences if you wish, creating a sense of community and shared reflection.

Join Me:

This holiday season, let's celebrate life, gather the precious moments, and embrace the magic in the everyday. Together, we'll create a beautiful collection of reflections and stories that capture the spirit of this special time of year.

Let's make this holiday season one of reflection, gratitude, and celebration of the life we are living.