Kathy Donchak

Sunday Letter: Life is Change

published18 days ago
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To be constructive means to me precisely to be guided by the pattern of our consciousness and to create our images according to the structure of our consciousness itself, for only in this way shall we be able to fulfill the task of keeping the state of mind of the human being, including our own, in balance and in harmony with the laws of life, thus enhancing its growth. ~ Naum Gabo

I have spent much of my life navigating change, some rapid, some slow, both internal and external. Born with a creative constitution, my internal need for change can disrupt my equally strong wish for stability. It is this understanding of my polarities that allows me to ebb and flow in and out of equanimity knowing that the source of my equilibrium is always within my reach.

This need to know myself is what sent me into the study of ecopsychology so many years ago, and helped me wade into the inner work shared by spiritual teachers through books. My practice of connecting with nature through the senses, imagination, and emotions provides me a way of meeting myself with the reverence and ritual I missed from childhood.

Growing up, Sunday mass was a constant in our home. It wasn’t the content of the mass, but rather the posture of reverence within the rituals of the weekly meeting with myself. The music, candles, and pageantry were all a part of this shift in thinking, but there was something missing. I needed a way to make my thinking visible so that I could see the life I was living.

This Sunday Letter is my way of counterbalancing the noise of the world, to bring myself (and possibly you, dear reader) into a state of reverence for life all around us each day, in the sounds of birds, new leaves of spring, and smiles of children. It is in this practice of coming into the now of life, moment by moment, that can help us navigate change, by providing us with a cathedral to carry with us.

Do you have any practices that help you navigate change?

Be well,