Kathy Donchak

Finding Home

published26 days ago
1 min read

Our boys were born on the first day of spring. Our animals, two dogs and a cat were born on Easter Sunday in different years. Our family enlarges in springtime, our individual spirits do too.

I have been arranging new pathways on our property, digging up the abundant flat limestone rocks and moving them to the rutted paths created by humans and animals alike.

The first time I planned a garden following the wanderings of animals was in Wyoming. I watched the deer create pathways to traverse neighborhoods in safety, to nourish their bodies, and find safe places to rest. I watched our dogs etch their routes in the yard long before any flowers and plants graced its spaces. Their wandered path formed artful natural boundaries where plants, animals, and people co-existed in harmony.

If we follow the lead of our wordless companions, we can see new routes more clearly. A well worn path may be just what you need to find your way home.

Be well,